On August 21st, 2020 – Alexio from Ampersand, a Swamp Bloc alliance declared war on The Commonwealth, Terminus Est, and protectorates. The Casus Belli (CB) provided related to The Commonwealth and Terminus Est having nations and micro alliances hit Swamp Bloc alliances through proxy wars throughout the NAP from Global War 15, Denying ghost proxies, and The Commonwealth pulling alliances back into the fight during the end of Global War 15 – when most alliances peaced or turned on IQ alliances.

This war only lasted about two weeks and ended in a three part peace term penned by all parties involved – excluding Morningstar who left protection of Terminus Est during the skirmish.

  • TCW sphere will formally surrender to Hedge & Swamp Blocs.
  • All existing wars will end to conclusion or peace and no new wars will be declared.
  • Three month nap between Hedge, Swamp, and TCW blocks which includes all protectorates therein.

The Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) agreed upon will end on December 1st, 2020 at game update. Check out our Countdowns page to keep track of NAP termination.

Moving In

On October 4th, 34 days after peace was agreed upon, Sphinx – leader of The Commonwealth announced their move to the Swamp Bloc.

…Fresh from the revelry and the drunken stupor from Brogan’s addition to the band, the brothers of the Swamp, the dragon, the giant gingerbread man, the ever-drunken leprechaun, the legendary Hawkeye, the elusive Florida Man, and the bold King Triton, gathered round the campfire…

Sphinx, via Politics & War Alliance Affairs ‘Duloc and Swamp strike an accord’

At the time of signing, The Commonwealth was still hard-connected to their loose bloc consisting of:

  • The Dark Brotherhood [MDoAP]
  • United Purple Nations [MDoAP]
  • Terminus Est [MDoAP]
  • Spanish Armada [MDP]
  • Carthago [ODP]
  • Agon [NAP]
  • Chocolate Castle [PIAT]
  • Rothschild Family [Protectorate]
  • Purple Flower Garden [Protectorate]
  • The Hanseatic League [Protectorate]
  • Weebunism [Protectorate]
  • Goon Squad [Protectorate]

At the time of this report, The Commonwealth has dropped ties with Carthago as well as Terminus Est. They have also secured ties with The Ampersand – a Swamp Bloc alliance.

The Questions

Although this is considered a fairly large move for an alliance of TCWs size and standing in the community – there is very little information provided on what will happen to those currently tied to The Commonwealth. Since the end of Global War 15, the TCW Sphere has maintained its position with the alliances listed above – this change in political position may be due to a much needed change in a sphere that was thrown together to fight a common enemy. We have reached out to TCW leadership, but have received no reply as of yet.

What we don’t know is who is going to follow The Commonwealth over to the new Swamp Bloc and who else is going to be cut. We have reached out to all M-Level treaty holders of The Commonwealth and have received no reply yet.

Follow this article for updates.

Update: 10/16/2020

Out of all the parties Atlas Wire reached out to, only two have responded. We spoke with Boyce the Great of Terminus Est as well as Matt2004 of the United Purple Nations. Our angle for this piece was to determine whether or not The Commonwealth notified their treaty partners in advance of their move as well as what the future holds for these alliances connected to The Commonwealth. Boyce told us that after Sphinx signed papers with Swamp – “swamp said TEst or them and they picked swamp, really there’s not much else to say.” As we stated before, Terminus Est picked up paper with The Imperium directly after.

Matt from UPN spoke with us through in-game messaging stating “we do not class TCW as being a full member of Swamp.” He also added “we recognize a bilateral agreement between the two which does not amount to membership.” Matt says this relationship is the equivalent of Switzerland and the European Union. From what Matt tells us, they are happy The Commonwealth signed with Swamp and “we’ll continue to work closely with TCW going [forward].”

At the time of this update, TCW is still tied to all parties listed above with the exception of Terminus Est and Carthago. They have picked up The Ampersand MDoAP and a one man protectorate of Wigglytuffs Guild.

The question left in this Macro Move is – if TCW is not going to be a full member of the Swamp bloc, why post an alliance announcement indicating the move as such.

Stay with us, we’ll keep you posted.

Update: 10/16/2020 (evening update)

After our live update earlier today – we received some clarification from Putmir Vladin about The Commonwealth’s post about moving to Swamp. Before this article was written we did reach out to multiple parties involved, but never received word back from The Commonwealth as a whole. Putmir tells us “we are allied to Swamp, but not part of Swamp.” He also added that they have a treaty to Swamp via the Ampersand MDoAP. “We are not allied to just Ampersand, we are allied to Swamp via Ampersand.” It is our understanding that although The Commonwealth shares an MDoAP with the entirety of the Swamp Bloc – clarified by Putmir – they are not officially part of the Swamp Bloc.