Digging In – Global War 16

Global War 16, which has not yet been officially named, kicked off On October 31st, 2020. The ignition of this massive and costly war started when the Quack Sphere (T$/TKR) declared war on the Hedge Money Sphere (CoTL/KT) due to leaked logs revealing that The Commonwealth was planning to attack Quack. These logs appear to show Sphinx speaking to Boyce the Great and FinlayMac of Terminus Est – who Sphinx of The Commonwealth was previously allied to.

Through the logs you will see Sphinx making the argument that Quack Sphere is a threat to the world politically and militarily and is growing into a vast hegemony. He also mentions that the Swamp Sphere agreed with the observation and insinuated that plans were in motion to form a coalition to attack Quack.

The last screenshot shows Boyce the Great of Terminus Est sharing this information and logs to Lord Vader of The Imperium and 18 days later, Orbis was at war. We reached out to Boyce the Great with no response – but we did catch up with Lord Vader of The Imperium and he stated “[In my opinion] logs regarding a leader (even if an irrelevant one) of a top 5 alliance should be considered valid…we simply saw a threat and acted upon it, I don’t regret it one bit. Would do it again too.”

Casus Belli

As we stated above, the Quack Sphere declared war on Hedge Money and Swamp Sphere due to information leaked to them that at least The Commonwealth, with the implication of more alliances from Swamp and Hedge would attempt to take down their sphere due to their thoughts that Quack is becoming a larger hegemony than even ECM. The Knights Radiant was the first to announce their declaration, with all others within Quack falling in behind.

As the war was just gaining momentum with a preemptive strike from Quack to Hedge and Swamp – Roselot (Rose/Camelot) made the decision to join with declarations of their own under the CB that Quack is a hegemonic power and this strike would eclipse a many pronged campaign against them – and those within Roselot also followed suit.

Due to now surmounting forces against Quack Sphere, many from that sphere have become outspoken against the allegations that they are a hegemony when nearly all of the alliances in-game are now in a coalition against them. Benfro, leader of The Knights Radiant told us “we were surprised and disappointed to have [Roselot] join the war efforts as they were not treatied in any way to participants on either side, especially so quickly” Rose, Camelot, Atlas Technologies and Co. declared directly after the first declarations from Quack. “Their entry moved away from a relatively balanced, varied conflict toward a bipolar world” Benfro added.

On the other side with Roselot, we spoke with Epimetheus who said “Let’s note some key details. Quack is diplomatically centralized, the strongest economic power and the best tiered.” Epimetheus also added that “they have TGH and TKRs Milcom which offsets the rest of their spheres military inadequacy.” Jordan, now Chairman of Atlas Technologies which has an MD level treaty with Camelot added “while we weren’t sure on how we’d enter the conflict at first, it was obvious we needed to fill some holes in the offensive.” Jordan also said “We wanted to aid our treaty partner Camelot by proactively catching [Order of the White Rose’s] attention with a small blitz.”

While this war has seemed to focus on the lines of who is or who is not the hegemony, we caught up with Borg who is second in command of Error 404. They were first blitzed by Quack as they are part of The Hedge Money Accords. Borg tells us “I guess T$ is running with the theory that we were planning on blitzing them, which wasn’t true [as far as I know], but that’s lilkely down to them connecting the dots wrong rather than intentionally lying.”

The Fight Continues

As with any war in PW’s existence, you have the bloody battle in the trenches with in-game war mechanics and the war of words on the forums – and that public relations war is ramping up now that most of Quack is limited to their performance militarily. There does seem to be a line drawn in the sand, publicly at least, that warns all sides of this war to not bring issues OOC or push the boundaries of being toxic which is likely due to the previous global war that lasted nearly a year and resulted in blanket bans across Orbis.

It seems that the common theme within this war is that all major political leaders in the world want to push the game to be anti-hegemonic and run on a basis of being new, different, and dynamic with wars that are fun, more frequent, and overall not as deep as the global wars of the past. Cooper, a government member in The Knights Radiant made a post in Orbis Central outlining this theme and why it falls flat on its face every time. “The rhetoric these past few years has been sufficiently exhausted for nearly everyone who pays attention to the game. At the same time, these notions have become shallower and shallower and used increasingly as political props instead of as an actual belief and/or argument,” Cooper said.

History of wars and political practices in the game have shown us time and time again that aggressors and defenders push the narrative that they wish to be dynamic, they are removing the hegemony, and they want to usher in a new way the world operates within the world in the political and military categories – will this war be any different? The assumed solution needed by the coalition against Quack would be a necessary break-up of the Quack sphere in order to squash the allegations and claims that Quack is in fact the Hegemony of Politics & War holding not only political, but economic and military prowess over all other spheres. While Quack argues that they are not the hegemony and in-fact, the coalition against Quack is.

It is argued that as the coalition between Hedge, Swamp, and Roselot grew – these groups became the new hegemony within the world. However, on the line represented within Casus Belli’s offered by Roselot Epimetheus tells us that “anything short of this current coalition would have failed and should we have faltered early and allowed them to get control we would have anyway.” It begs to question whether the platform Quack is running that the coalition is the hegemony actually makes it case on the world stage.

Words From the Community

In a world where our path is written by the loudest political speakers and motivators, it is good to take a second to see what the general community has to say especially in terms of tense global wars.

Minesome who is best known for micro-politics and is the leader of the Golden Phoenix Coalition tells us that he “believes both sides seem to have good reasons to be at war. One side feels threatened and wanted to put down a possible dominant power and the other reacted to what it believed was a plot on its security.” He also added “The only one who shouldn’t of joined is Roselot and Schrute sphere. They just made it a dogpile.” Golden Phoenix Coalition is currently not a player in the Global War.

Chungus of The Imperium, which is located on the Quack side of the war says “Quack is not the aggressor as Swamp/Hedge were preparing to blitz us.” He also added that “Swamp keeps sending big citied nations after the smaller ones.”

Sir Scarfalot of The Syndicate wrote on the PW Forums “What really needs to happen isn’t so much that alliances limit their allies or actions per se, but rather restrain themselves from creating a narrative and environment where getting ‘rolled’ is equivalent to ‘kicked out of the game entirely'” He also added “I have every reason to believe that both sides are fully committed to that ideal and nobody is actually trying to pull an IQ on anyone.”

What Does the Future Hold?

We play a game that has no caps on alliance memberships allowing alliances to grow as high as they desire. If there were caps on memberships or even just score, these alliances would splinter and likely stay within the same sphere as their mother alliance – which wouldn’t eliminate any type of collective score within the sphere or eventual coalition, we can strike this one out of potential options for the future.

The next argument would be to split spheres to at least, close to equal strength and size and for these spheres to develop their own politics, economics, and fight more frequent, short wars to make the game more fun and engaging. We have seen time and time again that when we do have dramatic splits within spherical politics, multiple spheres will make agreements, link up, and form coalitions together to take on a common opponent – we are seeing this now. This solution would only work if leaders within their smaller spheres only worked within their sphere politically. No linking, no back door deals, no giant coalitions. This has failed numerous times, we can strike this one out of the potential options for the future as well.

Even if the current Rose/Swamp/Hedge coalition succeeded, as they have, to knock down Quack – there is nothing in line to force Quack to break up, not rebuild back to the power they are claimed to have, or realign on good faith with another coalition either through paper or verbal agreement. The same can be said for the larger coalition. So, we are stuck in terms of politics, grievances, and the same historical cycle of flip-flopping pointed fingers and world hegemonic powers.

Charles Bolivar, a member of Guardian which is positioned on the Rose/Swamp/Hedge side of the war says the solution is to “destroy the treaty web and shred it entirely. Before we can create a new multi-polar world we must first destroy this one.” But this doesn’t answer the question of the first solution – alliances would still be large, operating together economically and militarily with politics behind closed doors.

We’ll end our coverage of this Global War 16 article with a quote by Micchan from The Knights Radiant. “The problem is always the same, too many people think you can win in this game.”

Atlas Wire reached out to many leaders and members on all sides of the war including members of the community, some have not responded. Additionally, we have waited to report on Global War 16 until a level of balance between real war and PR war were met. We are confident that the current time frame of the war is well enough to report a strong opinion on all sides of the war. Stay tuned to Atlas Wire as we offer more reports on stats and individual spotlights.