CTOWNED stat tracker has been live for nearly two days and it is getting a lot of action. We decided to do a review based off of a few principals:

  • Aesthetics/User Interface
  • Request Processing/Speed
  • Community Feedback

We are not going to get into proper calculations or data in this review, we will leave proper data drawing to the community. We will say that there have been reports of wars not counting or showing the correct count of wars for nations, but CTOWNED Dev has stated that although the improper count is showing, the stats are correct. This will be fixed at a later time per Shamadruu who stated that this is a low priority.

Aesthetics & User Interface

First-look at the site, it is very clean with a modern approach to the UI. Site design in our modern age trends more towards the flat, simple look vs clunky buttons and disorganization we may have seen in the past. Understandably, the green is a Carthago thing – it takes away from the modern feel. Suppose a more modern shade of colors would be more beneficial, and aesthetically pleasing. EvilPiggy who seemingly was assisting in the design portion of the site sought out design help from community member Mad Max, who offered up his own aesthetic colors within the green spectrum that should add a unique and modern feel to the site. It is unknown if that color scheme. We did find that in the CTOWNED suggestion server, Shamadruu mentioned that “Piggy came up with a new scheme for graph colors, which I’ll be implementing…but not for a couple days.”

Max provided a color gradient that might be helpful for future design and piggy provided an example using that color gradient – this could be what will be introduced in the upcoming days.

Slide from Left to Right to see possible before and after color changes.

Apart from the color scheme, we have noticed that some of the buttons seem to be lacking – look at the Previous/Next buttons in the bottom right. Some of the text on graphs and other locations overlap, even on full display with no outline, shadow, or anything to make that text pop off the graph for better visuals.

See Totals, Units, Res, and Loot – not sitting aside or popping for separation.

These type of issues are extremely minor when it comes to developing a site like this and are easily tweaked once the heavy lifting gets out of the way. Krampus tells us that the team does intend to have a total graphic overhaul by the end of October.

Overall, Atlas Wire rates the Aesthetics and User Interface at a 6. We look forward to see what the team pushes out by the end of October.

Request Processing & Speed

Site load time is fast on mobile, home wifi, work wifi, and LTE – we don’t believe CTOWNED will have an issue with anyone being able to populate the page. Using the tabs at the top of the page is also quick and efficient, information is populating extremely fast without any wait times. The only issue with lag time comes when opening details of wars and nations.

We clocked wars at:

  • Mythicc-Test War – 2.52 Seconds (46 wars)
  • Going Into Vietnam…Again – 10.35 Seconds (733 wars)
  • Auro-CHB War – 6.98 Seconds (360 wars)

Of course, the time to pull data to populate would increase with how much data is actually being pulled. We can see that the larger wars populate slower than the Mythic war with only 46 total wars currently. Still though, the team plans on working on performance improvements as the stat site grows – we can only expect the responsiveness to get better.

Due to the site being new, Atlas Wire rates Request Processing & Speed at a 9.

Community Feedback

Most of the feedback we have seen publicly and within the CTOWNED Suggestions server is on par with our own review. We have seen some suggestions for changing data display on graphs, adding in net values to damage, infra, loot and changes to graph styles. Bug reports on their discord server also seem pretty minimal to the issues we have mentioned above pertaining to incorrect war counts. Krampus tells us that this live launch was only pushed live through the Royal Orbis News discord server and through this publication – once launched on the Politics & War forums, they may see an increase in users logging in which could offer up some more feedback and suggestions.

Atlas Wire rates the Community Feedback portion of the review at a 10.

Further Development

Atlas Wire reached out to Krampus again to see how the development team is going to handle feedback as well as to see if they could provide a roadmap of how they will prioritize issues, updates, and enhancements. Krampus tells us that “we plan to have all bugs fixed within the next few days, and graphically overhaul it before the end of October.” By the end of October, the team plans to go live with the overhauled stat site on the Politics & War Forums.

CTOWNED Development Road Map

  1. Fixing the minor bugs.
  2. Adding more detail in the player/alliance stats sections.
  3. Reworking the theme to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Giving Pirate’s Cove its own unique flair.
  5. Making all columns efficiently sort-able.
  6. General performance improvements.
  7. Add pulling historical war data (from 2016+)

Krampus says “there’s a considerable number of people using the site, but the performance hit is barely noticeable, so performance improvements are at the lowest priority right now.” He also added “I’d say there’s been around 200-250 unique IP’s since the stat site went live – that’s not counting repeated visitors, just individuals who accessed the site.”

Lastly, in our conversation with Krampus he identified an issue when it comes to their war attacks database. “It can easily overflaw the javascript RAM memory heap – there are over 600,000 individual attacks,” he said, the last time he checked. “To compensate, Shama runs a stream of results, but it’s wildly inefficient to try to sort it by non-index keys.”

If you have used the site, drop a comment below with your own review or any feedback you may have. We look forward to the development of the stat site – sites like these can either make or break, but it seems the development team has a steady plan and a long road of optimization ahead of them.