In our gaming community there are multiple avenues to find a sense of entertainment, but perhaps there is one that you might not know about that has been here for as long as the game has been in existence. Do you Roleplay? Nation Roleplay that is – a place where you can take your nation to new heights and promote your theme and people the way you want. To get more knowledge of NatRP in Politics & War we met up one of the more prominent members of the niche community, Eva-Beatrice.

What is it?

Eva tells us that PW NatRP is a great option for people to engage in an activity that is fun and allows the participant to be creative. “Every participant in the RP has the potential to shape the world around them, not just within their own nation, but across the map. It provides a great level of freedom that you can’t find within the game itself.” Eva has been involved with NatRP since around 2016 – since Eva joining a map was introduced and the roleplay community took off from there.

Eva does not have any special roles within the community, but has played a hand in running the map and offering advice to roleplayers to help them along in the process.

History of Nation Roleplay

Eva tells us that National Roleplay in Politics & War existed long before 2016. “From what I could tell, it was mostly just individuals posting about their national affairs in the National Affairs subforum occasionally.” Eva added that “I wanted the map idea to be a way to add onto that and give people the option to control their own territory while interacting with others.”

In the early days Eva says it was like the “wild west” – the roleplay community didn’t have a structure of rules and those that participated figured it out along the way. “I still consider the early days to be the best era of the map RP. You’d get to meet many new people and get a sense of what their nation was actually like for the first time.” Eva tells us that as the community has grown and changed over the years and through the growth the map RP’s activity has fluctuated. “A group of players will start it up only for it to die again a few months later – its been that way for the last few years.”

What’s the Map All About?

The Map RP is part of the Nation Roleplay community and it allows players to select a location on a real-world map. Players are limited to a maximum of 100 provinces on the map and they can expand up to four provinces per month – players can also gift land to each other which is capped at four provinces per month which includes land gained as a result to war.

To start, players head to the National RP subforum and apply for their provinces. They’ll be asked for a few things like the description of your nation, currency, government, and a wikia link for your nation if you have one. Once your application is submitted, the members of the community who run the map will add you to the map.

Eva’s Province Selections (Posted January 19th, 2020)

All players are placed on a larger map with their flags and the map is updated frequently to show growth of nations. Additionally, from the rules we found that players can add colonies to their growth which is capped at five total colonies.

There are some caveats to Map RP – players have to stay active, being one of the most important rules. To make RP work and the world of roleplay to keep pushing on to the next day or the next big event, it requires players to participate. To grow your nations monthly it requires a post on your growth – play it into your RP! It sounds like a lot, but you’re only required to post once every 30 days to keep your roleplay nation active. You can check out all of the major rules right here.

Due to some inactivity within the community, the map is currently offline.

I Don’t Know – This Seems Hard

“It’s pretty easy for anyone to join the roleplay. All it takes is an idea and the drive to make that idea a reality,” Eva said. “All that’s really stopping someone at that point is making that first post.”

Rules recently have gotten lighter, Eva tells us. There are the rules for the mandatory activity to keep the world of RP moving along, be kind, and don’t bring in Out of Context (OOC) into the separate world of roleplay. Plus, being that most of us spend our time on Discord – there’s even a Politics & War RP to hang out in.

It seems if you have a knack for being creative, playing in your nation theme, and engaging with other people in the community outside the general politics and occasional wars – National Roleplay could be a place for you to let off some steam.

What’s Going on in the World of RP

Like Eva told us before, the world of RP has its peak moments and dies back down. Right now, the map is offline and activity is low – it seems the community needs some fresh, creative, and motivated faces to give it another jump-start. To give you an idea of what kind of roleplay Eva and others are in, check this out:

“My latest roleplay idea explores what would happen if the nation of Rokkenjima, which has been together for over four years now, finally implodes and falls into a civil war. My population…has always been made up of several species – witches, humans, angels, demons, vampires, etc. Now, with the country finally splitting up, each species that previously made up its population has the chance to take power for themselves. They end up forming their own independent countries and engaging in a long, bloody war with each other.”

We can see through Eva’s roleplay that you can be creative, stretch the bounds of imagination, and build something to share with others within the roleplay community – and in turn, play off each other’s creativity.

Are you ready?

The world of Nation Roleplay is looking for some fresh blood and new creativity. All you have to do is head over to the Politics & War forums, scroll down till you see National Affairs and check out how it all works and the recent posts. Start thinking about what type of nation you want to roleplay, and apply.