Many players logged in today with a specific notification in their inbox indicating they received a small amount of cash from Unlimited of Goon Squad.

Notification from Mad Max of Copperlandia

Most times within the Politics & War community there tends to be a certain paranoia when something is sent without agreement or reason. What could being sent $1 in-game mean for those that aren’t connected or in any relations with Unlimited or Goon Squad? The fact is, the reason is less dire than what some may think.

We reached out to Unlimted, leader of Goon Squad to see what exactly was the reason for the global charity event. We asked if there was a specific reason and who logged in to see this transaction.

I sent $1 to everyone [in game] that wasn’t blockaded or in [Vacation Mode]…so about 13,000 people.

From Unlimted via in-game messaging system with Mad Max.

We thought this was a bit curious, $1 to 13,000 nations isn’t a large sum by any means – but what does it mean? What was the actual purpose of the charity?

…more for the lulz

was more of a situation where the code I had could be made to do it in about 30 seconds…there wasn’t really any reason to not to, so yah know, why not…

From Unlimited via in-game messaging system with Mad Max

Atlas Wire doesn’t see a reason to be concerned about an extra $1 into your nation’s savings account. Don’t spend it all in once place.