Politics & War has grown into a community that does not simply rely on a victory to win a war, instead it relies on the statistics of a war down to the smallest details. One coalition might stack up the victories, but how much did they spend to reach those victories? Add that expenditure to losses of military units, land, infrastructure, and loot – and you may find that in-game victories mean very little. *enter player-built stat trackers*

Politics & War history has seen its fair share of player-built stat trackers – from simple mathematics calculated by hand, to even more in-depth spreadsheet creations using API, like EvilPiggy’s massive tracker, and maybe even the more well-known tracker used in the previous global war, NPOWNED. All have provided great detail in how wars are actually won on the field, but of course those that are more aesthetically pleasing tend to win the prize. Unfortunately, due to a mishap at the closure of the last great global war, NPOWNED stat tracker was shut down as members of the community were banned for allegedly violating game rules.

Within the game there is an interesting ‘community market’ that exists for players that want to provide services to others. We see many businesses come and go on the platforms of banking, graphics, advice and audits and now even a tremendous flow of engineering development from websites, bots, and again – player and war related stat trackers. The Carthago Tech Department is due to release their version of a stat tracker today – Atlas Wire secured time with that department to find out a little bit more information on what the community should expect.

Image: CTOWNED via Royal Orbis News Discord

What is it?

CTOWNED is a Carthago Tech Department global stat tracker for the Politics & War Community. The idea is to bring back those great statistic visuals that we once knew with the NPOWNED stat tracker while also being able to dive deep into the details of all wars on Orbis without having to use chat service bots and spreadsheets.

Who can use it?

This service will be free to use for all players in the Politics & War community. Once live, stats can be accessed through https://ctowned.net and players will be able to dive deep into recent wars and track any future wars that occur. Although many search for a fee for their services, Atlas Wire was informed by Krampus that there will never be a fee to use this stat site.

Uptime & Refresh

The site itself is hosted by the Carthago Tech Department so we can assume they operate on their own dedicated or shared server for their other projects. Because they rely on these other projects, we can assume that the site will remain stable for the forseeable future. As far as refresh times, we are told that it depends on the size of the war currently being tracked – if it ends up being a giant global war like we have seen, we can expect refresh to be hourly due to API call limitations. Krampus says they are limited on the amount of calls due to running 4 other bots for Carthago daily functions.

Data Storing & Sharing

These days we hear a lot in the real world about data, data storage, and data sharing – it is important to know that when we are accessing sites, what information is being obtained and where is that information going. Many sites will indicate that through their terms of service, cookies and privacy policies for those entering the sites – you know those annoying popups you get. Atlas Wire was assured by Krampus that the CTOWNED stat tracker site will not be storing any data from those accessing the site – there is also no login or verification process to access information and cookies are deleted on load. Krampus says they have no use for cookies at this time, but may have use in the future for users who would like to switch to a light or dark theme and have that option saved.

Launch Date

Although CTOWNED has been delayed previously, the community will finally get their hands on fresh stats today, October 14th, 2020. At the time of writing the site is due to be live in about 8 hours and you view the countdown here to be the first to access. As of right now, we do not have any reason to believe there will be a holdup on go live as information and media shared shows the site to be stable and ready.