Our publication nearly appeared overnight which has left many people in Orbis wondering, What is Atlas Wire? In short, we are a new multimedia news company based in the online simulation game Politics & War – but let’s get into some history.

Multimedia in Politics & War

When we search up the meaning of the word Multimedia we will find that is an adjective and a noun which both point to using more than one medium of expression or communication. Before, Orbis used the official forums, gaming site, and alliances have their own dedicated discord servers. Today, the community has advanced into a state of multimedia – and hopefully it will only get better.

We have seen many news-media groups come to the community and leave. Those that stand out in the community are Orbis News Network, Royal Orbis News, and now our platform. On top of news, there are multiple members and groups within the community that are branching out into engineering sites that feed them data through the game API – designing tools for the global market, alliance growth, war tracking and even Discord or Slack applications – recently we have reported on CTOWNED Stat Tracker created by the Carthago guys.

Why is Multimedia Important?

It’s all about community growth and development. Being real, Politics & War is a clean canvas allowing players to build almost how they want to and create or join a community that might fit what they are looking for in the game that best fits their character. How does the community continue to develop outside the slight role-play we are allowed within our nations and alliances? Easy. We break out and start our own projects that end up benefiting ourselves, our friends, and the community as a whole.

The idea and goal of some members of the community is to create these multimedia projects to not only benefit the community, but to provide benefits for their members and possible future members. When you can offer new community members to Politics & War a tool or set of tools that assist them with playing the game better by providing stats, build guides, or even some way to manage your nation through a portal we enter into a competition outside the base-game standard… and it continues to grow.

Put the News Back On!

Alright, lets get back to the reason we are here – news! When you combine an international community and a game that relies on information to form politics, you get a need for information sharing. Most news services within our community use discord servers to share quick news to their membership. Sometimes, these services will provide a solid background on the news, but most times the services will post a small excerpt and a link to an alliance affairs post from the Politics & War forum. Very rarely do other news media services stick around – the past showed us posts on the Politics & War forums, downloadable or shareable documents, and even websites.

Hey! We’re a Website!


What makes our platform better than the services that post their news on discord or use another medium? Absolutely nothing, but don’t freak out, there is a reason we are here and will be sticking around for quite a while. At Atlas Wire we believe we aren’t better because we provide a different service that is not comparable to what the community may be used to. Most news services will do a great job in being an ‘alert service’ where they alert their community through their platform to news that is happening in the world – this is an important service. Knowing whats going on as it happens is needed – however, most of the community can get the same alerts by connecting an RSS feed to their discord server and having Orbis Central, Alliance Affairs or other locations simply drop into their server. Some, even provide a nice excerpt of what is going on or know a bit more information than what was posted in the Alliance Affairs section of the Politics & War forum. We are just different services.

What Does Atlas Wire Provide?

Our goals are a bit different than the other services out there in the community. We don’t want to force anyone from a community of information sharing that they have been in for a long time, nor do we want to be a group that says “hey, we are better than them!” – instead, we want to be a tool for the community, new and old, to provide more details on activities happening in the world with a spotlight focus on the community as a whole. We get stuck on when the next war is going to happen, the next big political move, or the ‘micro’ drama that happens below the table while the adults are talking – but what about all the good, fun, and creative things members in our community are engaging in?

Of course, we will still report political moves, Micro and Macro and wars across the world that change the dynamic of the game – but we will peel back the tidy curtain of a public post and try to get the full story from all sides involved so our clean canvass can start turning into a landscape that everyone can see.

Beyond the in-depth and investigative journalism, we also provide a community that is free, a site that is free, and our articles are shareable by using our unique links or clicking those share buttons to post to your own accounts, servers, or sites. On top of that, our site is secure and will remain secure through redundancies on Cloudflare, Jetpack, and our own dedicated server securities. I guess you could call this a safe space.

Get Wired In

If you’re interested in sticking around with us, have ideas, have some good stories or even know of a group within the Politics & War community that is worth checking into for our community spotlight articles, let us know! As always, you can comment on any of our articles or jump into our super simple discord server – speaking of that, our server offers you our latest posts as well as some third party posts from the Politics & War community. You can discuss our posts, or hit our journalists up for a sweet scoop on a story happening on Orbis.

You can also ‘Follow’ our channel #the-wire and broadcast new posts there into your own server – we are just trying to make it as simple as possible for you.

Don’t stay unplugged – get Wired In!

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